The Team


Ben Smith – Chiropractor

Qualified from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, one of the top training facilities in the world, having gained an Honours degree in Neuromusculoskeletal sciences and a Masters degree in Chiropractic Sciences. He has since specialised in Advanced Clinical Management and techniques such as SOT.

Ben decided to become a chiropractor after he was greatly helped with an injury he sustained working on his family farm.

Ben opened his own clinic in Burton on Trent in 2007 (Stapenhill Chiropractic Clinic) and in 2009 founded the Back Room Chiropractic Clinic in Birmingham. He continues to help patients at both sites.

He has helped a vast array of patients from all backgrounds; he has helped top level athletes including premiership footballers and Olympic athletes.

Kerry McGrogan – Practice Manager

Kerry is manager at the Stapenhill Chiropractic Clinic in Burton on Trent. She has a background in dental nursing, but now manages the Stapenhill Dental Clinic within which the Stapenhill Chiropractic clinic is based.

Narinder Barhey – Practice Manager

Narinder has worked with Ben since he started his own clinic in 2007. She has benefited greatly from chiropractic care. Having a history of back and neck problems, she has remained well with maintenance treatment over the last nine years.

Narinder enjoys sports, having completed half marathons